National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO)

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National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO)

NASEMSO is a professional association of state-level officials in all US states and territories responsible for oversight of EMS systems. NASEMSO regularly serves as a leader in EMS projects of national significance. NASEMSO supports the nation’s state EMS offices by facilitating consensus on EMS policy and oversight, as well as providing vision, leadership and resources in the development and improvement of state, regional and local EMS and emergency care systems.

State EMS agencies have mechanisms to promote and encourage promising practices to improve safety in the field of EMS. As such, NASEMSO members are acutely aware that EMS providers are injured at a rate three times greater than other occupations. Among the areas where injuries can be reduced is through adopting standards for ground ambulance vehicles, and promoting a culture of safety that promotes consideration in areas such as the impact of fatigue on providers and patients, and protocols that acknowledge the importance of being properly restrained while in a moving ambulance.

NASEMSO’s membership includes the state officers directly involved in statewide prehospital guideline development and implementation through their respective legislative mandates. In addition to the state EMS directors who form the core leadership of the organization, NASEMSO is comprised of five councils:

  • Data Managers Council (DMC) includes the persons in each state and territory that manage the collection of patient care data and maintenance and epidemiological review of state-mandated databases.
  • Pediatric Emergency Care Council (PECC) includes the persons in each state charged with ensuring appropriate incorporation of patient care guidelines specific to pediatrics, and is usually the Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) program manager.
  • Medical Directors Council includes the state EMS medical directors who review and approve statewide and/or regional protocols/guidelines and provide clinical policy advice to the state EMS director and EMS advisory council or board.
  • Trauma Managers Council includes the persons charged by each state with the development and oversight of a statewide trauma system.
  • Education & Professional Standards Council (EPSC) includes the persons who formulate recommendations on policies and positions specific to EMS training and education.

Each of these councils has an important role in improving prehospital patient care within varied state EMS Systems. They also have an extensive network of relationships throughout the nation.

NASEMSO also has an Ambulance & Vehicle Licensing (AVL) Committee which is a forum for vetting model regulatory language, contemporary ambulance standards, safety equipment updates, and state practices for inspections and investigations.

NASEMSO works closely with numerous federal agencies, professional associations, and others interested in EMS.

NASEMSO also participated in the development of CAAS-Ground Vehicle Standards and NFPA 1917.


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