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EMS regulators face a wide range of challenges and expectations. In addition to understanding ambulance design standards, state EMS directors are often expected to be well versed in a wide range of health care issues including: interfacility transfers, hospital shortages, emerging infectious diseases, medical protocols, and medication shortages; as well as public safety issues such as inter-agency communications, homeland security, mass casualty incidents, and emergency management.

With an annual average turnover of 20%; and with 70% of state EMS directors having 5 or fewer years of experience, obtaining a working understanding of necessary information in a useful and succinct manner is essential.

For regulators seeking an understanding of how ambulance standards are developed, this web site has a streamlined guide to the participants and process. For those interested in more details, there is an expanded explanation, and for those who want to understand the intricacies of how research is designed and conducted, there is contact information for key agencies and associations.

Regulators may want to begin by looking at the following pages:

EMS Safety

NIOSH Video Series: Improving EMS Safety Through Ambulance Design and Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

History of Ambulance Design


Summary of Standards

Resource Documents