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For regulators seeking an understanding of how ambulance standards are developed, this site has a streamlined guide to the participants and process. 


This web site includes information about ambulance design standards (interior and exterior), emergency medical dispatch, and EMS provider safety.


Information about why vehicle testing and design standards are so important, as well as information about operational issues that affect workplace safety.

The goal of SafeAmbulances.org is to compile information about ground ambulance standards and EMS safety into a single portal. The above guides are intended to assist as a starting point and provide an overview of the topic and the web pages.

To request more information, provide feedback, or subscribe for information about updates, please click on the Contact button at the top of the page.

Ambulance Safety News

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Ambulance Standards Map

The ambulance standards map is being updated. For information about specific requirements, please contact the state EMS office.

State EMS Offices

Ambulance Crash Test Videos


SafeAmbulances.org is a project of the National Association of State EMS Officials developed through a grant with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.