Ambulance Manufacturers Division of the National Truck Equipment Association (AMD-NTEA)

The AMD was formed in 1976 as a professional association to work closely with ambulance manufacturers and equipment suppliers. AMD became a division of the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) in 1986 to further expand its position within the industry. AMD members currently represent over 90% of the ambulance production in the U.S.

Since its beginning, AMD has worked closely with the GSA to coordinate test procedures that validate the performance requirements of the GSA KKK-A-1822 (known as the K-Specs) for different systems of an ambulance (e.g. heating and air conditioning). Since 2002, the K-Specs have directly referenced these tests, known as the AMD standards.

There are currently 27 AMD Standards.

Having direct reference to the AMD Standards in the K-Specs, NFPA 1917: Standard for Automotive Ambulances, and Ground Vehicle Standards 1.0 enables consistent testing throughout the industry, independent of which controlling documents are used.


Ambulance Manufacturers Division
National Truck Equipment Association
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